What improvement of the Carbon+Alt+Delete platform is the most important and urgent to you?

  • Additional filtering in connected datasets
  • Improved unit field for volume resulting from formula (e.g. distance)
  • System to define the inventory line position
  • Report customization using the Custom Fields
  • Add notes and attachments to Custom emission factors in the Custom EF library
  • Apply the intercompany trade in Simulation
  • Remove input type field from inventory
  • Improvements to current dashboard
  • Update on the reports
  • Exiobase to the Boundaries and Ademe to the Factor Library
  • Customization of target setting
  • Volume input options
  • Integrating new templates with data request flow and making it multi-request
  • Improve ease of access to Connected EFs​
  • Distance calculator to all transport activities
  • Show simulations vs. actuals vs. target emissions
  • Update simulation model
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