What to include in FLAG?

For some products it is clear they should be included in FLAG (eg: purchased goods such as dairy products, cacao, palm oil, …).
But what about for example purchased packaging such as cardboard? Should this be included? And if so, how to slect the part of the emission part of the total emission that would be FLAG?

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Thanks for this interesting question!

My go on this one would be:

  • For all type of processes, products… land emissions will need to be included in your future carbon footprint (see Land Sector and Removal Guidance). So also for the cardboard package.
  • To be eligible to the SBTi sector approach on forest, land and agriculture (FLAG) you need to be part of the usual sectors (e.g. paper, forest…) or of your total emissions (both land and non-land) more than 20% is due to land emissions.

Does this makes sense to you?
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Hi Steven,

Thanks for the answer. That makes sense :slight_smile:
And clear that paper / cardboard should be included.

The second question remains though. Is there a way to determine that part of the emission that is related to paper production part?
In CAD the database [UK.gov GHG Reporting Factors v2023 1.0] is used as prefered source for purchased goods. The primary material production of 1000 kg of paper is around 0,91t CO2e. Do you know if there is a way to find out the part of this emission that is FLAG-related?


Hi Tom,

The UK.GOV does not take into account any land use and land use change emissions (or removals). I agree that it might be a hard one to add the land-use and land-use change emissions to an existing emission factor that does not include them (alignment scope, boundaries…). Unfortunately, we don’t have any information that the UK.GOV will soon (next release) add the land use and land use change emissions (or even the full breakdown according to the LSRG). If anyone of this community has more insights in that, that would be great! :slight_smile:

More importantly, I think our new Ecoinvent (v3.10) release might help you. The Ecoinvent dataset published emission factors with land use and land use change (only for agricultural products) included. We will publish the total emission factor (so including all in-scope emissions) and give information on the breakdown (fossil, biogenic, land use and land use change).

For the cardboard/paper, land use emissions will thus be included, land use change emissions won’t be included (not available yet for other than agricultural products).

Hope this helped.

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