Scope 3 - Starting from scratch’ish

When a company has 700 suppliers from a hairdresser to a major construction company with a £750m building program on their site, and they want their Scope-3 done properly - interested to know how everyone would plan the delivery. The supply chain scope 1 and 2 is an easy 2 day job, but the materiality and uncertainty across the different industries is the juggling act. Interested to hear people’s logic path if different to 1) identify 80% of spend 2) identify highest level of certainty, and work downwards.
All alternatives will be interesting :+1:

Happy to think with you on this one.

Just to be sure, you also see 1) and 2) as a valid starting, right?

Absolutely - start with the easy parts, just make sure clients actually have the valid REGO details (not just a pretty certificate from the supplier). Us having access to metered data from every MPAN and MPR in UK also helps :+1: