On emission factors

This post is a summary of the Q&A on a Carbon+Alt+Delete webinar.

On emission factors

Q: How do you ensure consistency between scope 2 and scope 3 cat 3 emission factor sources?

A: We advise to use the same emission factor source for scope 2 and scope 3 cat 3 emission factors.

Q: If you report also mid-year, emission factors are not yet available for that year. Do you use then previous year emission factors?

A: Yes correct, you should use the “best available EFs”, so last year is best available as the new ones are not yet published. That’s also what we do in the tool, but then we correct the emissions once the up-to-date emission factors are published. But be careful with IEA, as they do not allow to use the estimated emissions they provide.

Q: What sources could be used for obtaining Emissions Factors for APAC countries?

A: Ideally you use national / local emission factor databases from government agencies. If not available, you might use the ones from DEFRA and/or EPA.

Q: Is there a good source for EFs for delivered heat and cool?

A: DEFRA (UK Government) has some (but not a lot).

Q: Is there a way to add fuel type manually and its emission factor?

A: Yes, you can add your own emission factors in the tool as “custom emission factors”.